Catholic Bible Versions

By Vic Scaravilli

Printed Bibles - Catholic


Douay Rheims
This translation was done from the Vulgate by Gregory Martin and William Allen in Douay and Rheims, France.


Challoner Revision
Bishop Challoner revised the Douay-Rheims and this remained in almost universal use among English-speaking Catholics for nearly 200 years.


Confraternity Revision
It revised only the New Testament.


Knox Bible
Ronald Knox was commissioned by the English Bishops to make a new translation from the Vulgate.


New American
This translation, from the original languages, was commissioned by the American Bishops, and in 1964 was adopted for use in the Liturgy.


Jerusalem Bible
The Jerusalem Dominicans edited this French translation. It was then translated into English.


Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition
New Testament was prepared by a committee of the Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain. It included wording which reflects Catholic Tradition.


Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition
Old Testament was an updated translation of the KJV which included the Deuterocanonical books.


A. Written the New Testament.

B. Decided which books went into the Bible, i.e., decided what books are inspired and should make up the "Canon" of scripture.

C. Compiled those books into a collection which it named the "Bible."

D. Preserved the Bible, for the first 1500 years by hand writing each book over and over again on fresh papyrus, or on fresh skins of animals.

E. Preserved the Bible from destruction.

F. Preserved the Bible from error.

G. Defended the Bible through the last 1900 years.

H. Grounded her doctrines upon the Bible.

I. Held the Bible in highest veneration.

J. Interpreted the Bible for Her people.

K. The right to call the Bible Her Book.

"I would not believe the Gospel
unless moved thereto by the
authority of the Church."

St. Augustine

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