Genesis 1-3

Background of Genesis

- The first book of the Bible

- Moses is traditionally considered the initial author

- Was written around 1,000 BC about time periods starting about 2,000 BC

- Compiled into a book centuries later

- Genesis means “beginning”

- Divided into two parts: Chapters 1-11 deal with the creation of the world and about the very early human race. Chapters 12-50 deal with three great patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who were the ancestors of the Hebrew people.

What Catholics must believe about Genesis 1-3

1. God created all things at the beginning of time

2. There was a special creation of man

3. Formation of the first woman was from man

4. There is a unity of the human race

5. There was original happiness of our first parents before the Fall

6. There was a divine command placed on man to prove his obedience

7. There was a transgression of that command at the instigation of Satan

8. There was a fall of the first parents from the state of innocence

9. There was a promise of a future redeemer

Six Days of Creation Structure (Form)
Gen. 1:3-5 - First day Day, night
Gen. 1:6-8 - Second day Sky, sea
Gen. 1:9-13 - Third day Land, vegetation
Gen. 1:14-19 - Fourth day Sun, moon
Gen. 1:20-23 - Fifth day Birds, fish
Gen. 1:24-31 - Sixth day Man, beasts

Creation means making something out of nothing.


What a covenant is

Covenants are not the same as contracts – they are sacred family bonds, sealed in God’s name by oaths. Because they are sealed in God’s name, oaths invoke blessings and curses.


Gen. 3:15 - The First Gospel or first announcement of “Good News” to mankind that God would restore His family back to Him.