About Catholic Digital Studio and Contact Information

Mission Statement

Catholic Digital Studio is a multimedia site devoted to spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Through written, audio and visual media, we intend to spread hope through Christ's message of salvation.

We have a large selection of free Catholic video downloads featuring productions created by Catholic Digital Studio.

Our Online Catholic Library has links to free e-books and to other excellent Catholic websites, listed under such topics as: Bibles and Bible studies, Catechesis, Theology, Church History, Church Councils, Spirituality, Saints Biographies, Catholic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, Mr. Scaravilli's writings and the Children's Corner.

This site hopes to educate and inspire Catholics, so that we all can participate in the New Evangelization as One Body. Let us join together in order to bring about the New Springtime and the Era of Peace, as promised at Fatima.


Catholic Digital Studio is a not-for-profit, lay apostolate. We do not accept donations, but we do accept and appreciate prayers. Thank you.

Contact Catholic Digital Studio

You may contact the webmaster at:

Email: dandylynwyne@yahoo.com

You may contact Vic Scaravilli if you're interested in his hosting a Light of the World retreat at your parish, or for private dialogue.

Email: vicdebscaravilli@gmail.com

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