About My Videos and How to Embed You Tube Videos

Only You Tube video embeddings work without freezing pages. Problem: many You Tube channels have highly objectionable content. When one embeds a You Tube video, the embedding links the User to You Tube, hence, placing the user in a near-occasion of sin.

The problem is solved by using You Tube video embeddings filtered through content code obtained from My Space. With this code, a user can click all over the embedded videos and not access You Tube directly. To the user, the video appears to be a hard embedding (that is stored on this server) but it isn't.

Catholic Digital Studio was designed for high-speed Internet connections. If you are viewing this on dial-up, the video pages will probably freeze, while others may download slowly. I recommend Cable Internet of 3-7 Megabit speed, which can be obtained from Charter Internet (in Oregon) or other Cable services in your area, although 1.5 Mps should suffice. Many broadband connections will deliver services at 1.5 through a phone line. If you still have trouble after upgrading, make sure you have updated audio and video cards. See also The Webmaster's Advice on Optimizing Your Internet Connection Speed.

If the videos won't function, check back later. You Tube is periodically down for maintenance, usually around 10 PM Pacific Standard Time. If a video ceases to function for more than one week, contact me, as sometimes videos are removed from You Tube.

If you're interested in creating a site like Catholic Digital Studio, please educate yourself on copyright law first. Video embedding is a new conundrum in copyright use laws. There are no hard and fast rules, only tips you can follow to keep yourself and your website out of hot water.

Copyright FAQs.

Fair Use Laws.

How I learned to Love Fair Use.

Copyright Risks in Embedding You Tube Clips.

If you see material on this site that is owned by you and whose use does not, in your opinion, fall under the protection of the Fair Use and Copyright Considerations Law (for non-profit educational purposes), please contact me and I'll remove the link. You'll also need to contact You Tube (or God Tube, Google) and report a use violation though the procedure outlined here Reporting a DMCA Violation to You Tube. You Tube is wonderful about removing videos that are copyright violation. Once a video is removed from You Tube, it will automatically be removed from other sites linked to it, such as mine.

If you're a Web Master or Web Mistress and would like to embed a Catholic Digital Studio production on your website, you have permission to do so.

And now, here's a tutorial on now to embed videos using the coding process described above and examples of each.

Red-Tailed Hawk Eating Squirrel

NOTE: If you only see white boxes, then You Tube is down for regularly scheduled maintenance. Please check back later. To stop simultaneous video downloading, just hit the refresh or reload button on your Internet Browser. Thank you.

A Hungry Pileated Woodpecker in Moore Park Deer in Moore Park
A Boring Cat Movie (The webmaster's cats)