Bishop August Count von Galen confronted the Nazis, exposing their actions against innocent German citizens, the Catholic orders, the mentally ill, and the old and infirm. He criticized the German government for usurping the role of parents in raising children.

There was swift retribution for these sermons. One of Hitler's aides, Reichsleiter Bormann, advised Adolf Hitler to take the Bishop into custody and hang him. But they feared that they'd have to deal with the remainder of the Catholic population in the diocese of Munster.

Instead, they attacked persons close to the Bishop. Twenty-four secular priests and 13 members of the regular clergy were deported into concentration camps. Ten lost their lives.

Even a so-called democracy can lose its way. Those in great positions of power should always be held accountable by their constituency through a stable system of checks and balances which are founded upon a constitution which upholds the Natural and Divine Laws.

A full biography of Bishop von Galen along with the complete manuscripts of these three sermons can be downloaded here: Blessed August Von Galen's Biography and Sermon Transcripts.

These videos are published with permission from the Diocese of Munster and with permission from Church in History.

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Three Sermons in Defiance of the Nazi's (Parts 1-10)

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