See Catholic Apologist, Vic Scaravilli, debunk the Chick Tract called "Last Rites."

The late Jack Chick was an anti-Catholic who published pamphlets in the form of comic strips. He attacked all forms of formalized religion, but most especially Roman Catholicism. Chick's organization has literally passed out hundreds of thousands of these pamphlets, even to young Catholics in Rome during World Youth Day. Based upon poor-research and conspiracy theories, Chick distorts Catholic teachings and history itself, to make it seem as if Catholicism is evil.

Follow this video series using the Chick Tract, Last Rites, courtesy of Jack T. Chick.

Watch Vic set the record straight.

Debunking the "Last Rites" Chick Tract.

See Vic debunk another Chick tract called, Are Roman Catholics Christians?

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