Disclaimer on Externally Linked Websites

Following certain links on Catholic Digital Studio pages will take one outside of Catholic Digital Studio's domain. Catholic Digital Studio provides such links because the site contains more information on a particular issue or person than the the page from which it is linked contains, or such a link provides relevant source materials that aren't otherwise available.

Although Catholic Digital Studio takes what it believes are reasonable steps to ensure that the materials within its domain represent the Catholic Church's thought on issues of religion, faith and morals it has no authority to dictate the materials contained on externally linked pages or their parent sites.

We further note that the contents of an externally linked page or its parent site may change from time to time without notice to Catholic Digital Studio, and that the reasons for the webmaster's initial decision to link to that page may no longer hold true. We caution our readers that certain portions within externally linked pages or their parent sites may be inaccurate in whole or in part. Furthermore, deductions, conclusions and opinions expressed in those externally linked pages or their parent sites represent the views of their authors, and are expressly not endorsed by Catholic Digital Studio.

As an organization formed by lay people, Catholic Digital Studio is keenly aware that source materials vary in their reliability and, even when completely trustworthy, are subject to widely varying interpretations. Catholic Digital Studio encourages its readers to use a critical eye when examining any source materials.

If an externally linked site (not related to video links) contains offensive materials or offensive advertising, please notify the webmaster of Catholic Digital Studio. Whenever possible, without compromising the quality of source material linked by Catholic Digital Studio, the link will be removed or replaced. If the target material in the link cannot be replaced with another link, but the target material linked is deemed too important to Catholic Digital Studio to delete, the link will remain despite complaints.

This site contains alternate links to video materials run through outside servers such as Google Video, You Tube, Tangle (formerly known as God Tube), and Daily Motion. Links through these sites may or may not contain offensive ads, images, videos or text comments. There are an exceptionally large number of links to these sites. Replacing such links would place a heavy burden upon the webmaster. Also, these links are absolutely necessary in the event that a user's Internet browser does not support the viewing of embedded videos, or in the case of crashed sites or outages. In the event of an offensive ad, image, video or text message, please contact the webmaster(s) of the responsible site and complain directly.

The webmaster encourages users of Catholic Digital Studio to contact the webmasters of other sites should any offensive images, ads or written materials be seen. Contacting the primary source is the best route. Webmasters welcome feedback. Thank you.