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Need to find a Church? Go no further.

Shopping for Jesus is a Video Catholic Apologetics Course created by Mr. Vic Scaravilli, based upon a short story called Shopping for Jesus. This course chronicles the journey of a young couple new to Christianity.

A couple begins shopping for a church. They open a Phone Book to find the Yellow Pages listings filled with a multitude of churches, each claiming to be Christ's True Church. They reasoned they all cannot be the true church. They turn to the Bible for guidance.

Using this infallible guide, the couple discovers that Christ's true Church is the Catholic Church. This course takes you through their journey.

This was Catholic Digital Studio's very first video project. Your Web Mistress started taping this class beginning with the third class (thereabouts). The introductory video brings the viewer up-to-date.

Read along with this course using Shopping for Jesus, written by Vic Scaravilli.

This course is comprised of 80 ten minute videos. You can complete this course in six weeks if you watch three webpages per week, one page every-other-night. Each webpage has 40 minutes of footage.

Vic is is actively pursuing a Master's degree in Theology from Franciscan University in Steubenville, teaching in the meantime. With dynamic zeal and practically unlimited energy he shares what he has learned with others. He teaches RCIA, a Bible Study, Retreats, and many other courses.

We hope you enjoy and grow as a result of this brand new Catholic Apologetics series, taped in 2007 for the Internet.

God Bless!

Shopping for Jesus (All Videos)

You may skip the Introductory video if you have read the first page of the Shopping for Jesus story. The class begins on Episode 2.

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