By Vic Scaravilli

What you are is Godís gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God.

This statement sums up the reason why gifts are given to all Christians and what we need to do with them. We learned it was out of Godís endless love that He gave each of us unique gifts. Since it is now our responsibility as Christians to use what God has given us, we must determine how it can be done.

What is a simple way to put my faith into action? How can we proclaim the message and love of Christ to others? What can I do to build up the Body of Christ, the Church, my community, or another person? Answering any one of these questions gives us a start in using our gifts.

If you do not have any idea what gifts God has given you, start by praying. Since we know God equips us with talents and He does answer prayer, ask Him for guidance to know what our gifts are and how we may use them effectively. As Scripture says, ďAsk and you will receive.Ē

A person who does not know how to use his gifts should start small. An easy way is to see Christ in another person. For those who just want to attend mass, simple acts toward other parishioners could be sources of love. Something as simple as greeting a visitor or person you do not know could be a beginning. Just touching the life of another, no matter how small, is a way of showing the love of Christ.

Providing help or encouragement is very powerful and effective way to show your love for others. Being a friend to a neighbor or fellow worker is another way we can use the gift of service to others. Actions happen when your love is active.

Sharing your faith with friends and neighbors, inviting fallen-away Catholics back to church, promoting our RCIA classes to non-Christians, encouraging children and teenagers to attend the youth activities, and bringing others to greater spiritual growth are all ways we can make a difference in our Church. Attending or volunteering time in one of our activities or ministries might be your calling.

Christ commands us to be active members in His family. We are guaranteed by Jesus that when we do, the Holy Spirit will guide us and will make positive things happen. When we listen to God speaking to us, we need to be obedient to what He is calling us to do and place our trust in Him. All we have to do is our part and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

Do not let your life pass you by. You are called to be somebody. And not just somebody, but somebody great. Nobody was created to be ordinary, to be mediocre, to be just average. The glory of God is alive in you. Do not limit yourself. You are not made to live in shadow and gloom. You are a person of the light and the Resurrection. You are a person of hope with a wonderful potential. Do not come to the evening of your life regretting what you might have been.

This can only be fully achieved by entrusting yourself entirely to God. Only a life with God at the center can be truly fulfilling. Let today be the beginning, your first step in saying yes to God.