Photos of St. Padre Pio

A patient gave me a smaller version of this picture. It was a memento given to him by a man named Charles Mandina, who knew Padre Pio (My patient had two copies that he carried about in his wallet). The original picture was in pretty good quality. I cleaned it up and enlarged it in Photoshop, and decided to put it on the web for all to enjoy. My patient told me that the man with the crutches visited Padre Pio for his blessing and prayers. He was in great pain. Padre Pio prayed over him and the man on crutches apparently died and went to Heaven shortly thereafter (apparently to relieve him of his great suffering). This is according to my patient. I was so excited at being given this great treasure that I forgot most of the story behind it. I was too busy freaking out! I'll try to find my patient and get more of the story behind this picture for you.