Promotional Materials

There are materials on this page to help promote Catholic Digital Studio.

Two different flyers are available for distribution through hardcopy or e-mail. There are also magnet or business card templates.

Instructions to download the Fancy Downloadable Flyer for print copies: Right-click on the image, and hit "Save Image As." This will save the image to your computer under the file name cdsflyer6.jpg. When you print, it might appear oversized. In the Print Prompt box click the check-box that says, "scale to fit media," or "fit picture to frame." You may need to access print properties in order to access the check box. The flyer is a high-quality .jpg file.

Instructions to download the Fancy Downloadable Flyer for e-mail copies: Right-click on the image and save it to your computer, then insert it into an e-mail or send as an attachment.

If you prefer a Simple Flyer or have trouble with the preceeding files, you may print Simple Downloadable Flyers to distribute. This is a Microsoft Works document. Clicking on it and it should activate a Save Prompt. If not, then right-click on the link and hit "Save As." Then print as usual.

The images below are also available for downloading and distribution. Just right-click on the image and hit "Save Image As." They can be printed as magnets or business cards (you'll need to cut them to size, of course).

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