Quiz on the Catholic Faith

1. Who is ultimately head of the Catholic Church? _____________

Who is the leader of the Catholic Church on earth? _______________

2. The Mass is divided into two parts: The Liturgy of the _________ and

Liturgy of the ____________________.

3. How many books are in the Catholic Bible? _______

4. How did we get the Bible? ___________________________________

5. How do you know the Bible really is the infallible and inspired written

Word of God _________________________________________

6. How many Sacraments are there? ________

List them: ______________________________________________


7. What is the Eucharist? ____________________________________

8. What two essential components are needed to accept the free gift of

salvation? ___________________ _______________________

9. List the three levels of ordained clergy in the Catholic Church.

_______________ _______________ ______________

10. What is the essential foundation of our faith every Catholic must

understand and believe? The _________ ______________ Message.

11. What are the three sources of authority in the Catholic Church?

_____________ __________________ ________________

12. What are the four marks of the Church?

___________ _____________ ____________ ____________

“Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for you hope.”

1Pet. 3:15

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