The Webmaster's Advice on Optimizing your Internet Connection Speed

May 2007

I love high-speed internet. I can't recommend it enough. The world is changing, and frankly, if you don't have a high-speed connection of at least 2 M-bit per second, you'll be left behind. Slow connections will be useless in a couple of years.

Why? The Internet is embracing video. I have a dial-up connection at work. I use it for ordering and for monitoring how this site loads over a 56K modem. I have a 3-5 M-bit high-speed cable connection at home. There's no comparison. It's like watching the Wizard of Oz in black and white one second and then seeing the screen explode in technicolor in the next! Many websites will not load on my work computer because my dial-up Internet is outdated.

High speed is useless without a foundation. You need an up-to-date computer capable of supporting video technology. Check with your local computer expert to make sure you have the right video and audio cards. Older computers seem to have trouble in this area.

Once you have high-speed, protect it! High-speed internet can be slowed by annoying Spyware or Adware programs. These are little pesky programs that run in the background without your awareness, each nibbling away at your connection speed. I recommend an anti-spyware program such as Spyware Bot. It will search out and destroy spyware programs. I also recommend installing an Anti-Adware program such as Lavasoft's Ad Adware SE Personal Edition. Update them regularly, too.

I also like PC-Pitstop Optimize program. This bad boy speeds up your computer very nicely. It gets rid of unnecessary files in your Internet Cache and Temp files. Very good!

Pushing Ctrl+Alt+Delete activates a Windows program called Task Manager. Click on the tab called processes. These are the programs running in the background. Some are essential. Some are not. If you know a computer wiz, ask them to show you how to manually disable processes using your Task Manager. This will speed up your computer, too.

Don't forget to defragment your computer regularly. Monthly should suffice.

Test your Internet connection speed for free. Just click on the Golden Pyramid! And if you're not getting your optimal connection speed after doing all this, contact your ISP and ask why. Most ISP's have great over-the-phone people who can diagnose and fix computer problems quickly.

I have one warning: once you get a taste for High-Speed Internet, there's no going back!

God Bless!

Mary Ann Button