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A You Tube viewer made a video tribute to Myrna Nazzour:

Syrian Christian Myrna Nazzour

A You Tube viewer named "kalamation" put together these beautiful Byzantine Chants. The Byzantine Catholics are part of the Eastern Rite Catholic Church. Also contained is the theme of Unity.

A filmmaker on You Tube sent me this email in April 2007:

"... Myrna's story really got its hooks into me ...

What happened to Myrna was amazing, and I've always been fascinated by stories about ordinary people faced with the inexplicable. Hers is a very human story, about a humble, ordinary family faced with something beyond their understanding. (Sort of like Joseph and Mary two thousand years earlier). What happened to Myrna was both a great gift and an enormous burden. But she inspired hope and faith in millions of people, for whom she became a living symbol of the miraculous.

It's a story of great faith, that has a lot to say about humanity and our need to believe. Christianity teaches that we must accept by faith, and since most of us believe that there is a God, the battle's already half won. Yet we are also limited by our faculties. Our total experience of life comes through the filter of our senses. We tend to trust that which we can see, hear, and touch. So, when the faithful are confronted with what appears to be physical evidence of the existence of the divine, the fervor of that sense of validation -- combined with the feeling of almost being able to "touch" a little part of God -- can produce some of the near-riots that occurred during Myrna's public appearances.

For me, one of the most unforgettable images in the documentary was that of a thicket of anxious hands, all reaching out to touch a jostled and weary Myrna, who patiently endures it all.

Hands surrounding Myrna

There's something very powerful about Myrna's story, that transcends other accounts I've seen or read about religious phenomena. I tend to be somewhat skeptical about such things, yet as I watched the videos, I was struck by Myrna's deportment. I didn't see a neurotic, hysterical woman who's trying to get attention. What I saw was a somewhat traumatized-looking housewife who seemed to be more-or-less "putting up with it" as best she could, for the sake of her enormous faith. And that gives her far greater credibility than most people who claim to be mystics.

Anyway, thanks for posting those videos..."

In March 2007, A viewer from the Philippines informed me that an image of the face of Christ appears in Part 10 on frame 5:06 to 5:07. The image of Christ's face is to the right of the Virgin, superimposing the image of the Christ Child. His face is tilted 45 degrees clockwise. Half of His Face is illuminated with the light source approaching from the right. Here are some images I captured. The image is not a reflection off the glass, but is composed of the miraculous oil flowing out between the icon and the glass frame above.

Part 10, 5:06 Original Christ Image Isolated & Enhanced Part 10, 5:06 Photoshop Enhanced

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