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The History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered how the diamond engagement orb came to be the most catchy alternative of peanut and where this originated from?

The History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond chore ring has desire been the ultimate cipher of imperishable love and commitment; the unmatched strength and loveliness of the diamond has made it the most haunting option when it comes to engagement rings. However, when did this union between affection and diamonds begin?

The tradition of giving a ball to your future bride has been around for centuries, with the Romans believed to be the best to wear an assignment ball on the third finger of the left navvy There are a few theories as to the reasons for this choice of finger Some suggest that it is because there is a humour from the spirit that extends down to this finger, and hence, this finger leads straight to the core However, the diamond has not always been the traditional seed for an mission ring, and the giving of a diamond task globe is torpid relatively recent. Diamond assignment rings peak became popular in the 1930s, but the tradition of using a diamond in an task ring is believed to have originated in 1477, when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented a diamond assignment orb to Mary of Burgundy It was after this overture that the use of diamonds in engagement rings became a melodious trend among the generative and revered However, it wasnt until 1870 and the discovery of several diamond mines in South Africa that diamonds became further available and affordable to the ordinary national As supply increased, declining costs allowed many members of the federal to invest in a diamond engagement globe and sales flourished. It was in the 1930s that the diamond trend really took off, even though many were suffering the effects of the Great Depression. Even though rubies, red in colour, signified love, diamonds became synonymous with elysium Since then, a diamond duty round has been consistently used and even expected when couples become engaged It was in 1947 that De Beers launched its eminent slogan, A Diamond is Forever, which stimulated even supplementary sales, with the tacit durability of a diamond going hand-in-hand with the conviction that marital is forever. By 1965, 80 percent of all new brides in the United States wore one In 1992, the general charge of a diamond job orb was $1,500, but today, the general fee is closer to $5,000 As demand for a diamonds sparkle and prettiness has increased, the diamond has become the global symbol of a mans commitment to the duchess he loves.

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