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Renz TC-20 Calendar Punch Review

As one of two low-cost, guidebook thumb-cutmachines on the hawk (the other being the Akiles Diamond 1), the RenzTC-20 is presented as an possibility for low to equitable volume users whoproduce calendars in meagre to medium numbers. It is not a replacement fora obligatory appliance

Renz TC-20 Calendar Punch Review

Renz TC-20 Calendar Punch Review

As one of two low-cost, guidebook thumb-cutmachines on the sell (the additional being the Akiles Diamond 1), the RenzTC-20 is presented as an choice for low to reasonable volume users whoproduce calendars in minor to medium numbers The cash use of thismachine is to generate notches in your calendars that bequeath enable you toinstall a pre-formed wire plan hanger It is not a replacement fora binding appliance


  • If you were to judgemerely by the photo, you might guess that the TC20 is a hand-heldmachine, somewhere along the lines of a stapler We conviction so too butwere surprised to find that it is pretty massive duty, about nine inchesin length, and around six inches high. The TC20’s weight of somewherebetween three and four pounds routine that this is a desktop unit, notone that is designed for hand-held use
  • We werepleased to find that the TC20 offers ponderous malleability metal construction, andbelieve that it entrust be extremely much at home in the most substantial useproduction environments The punching doorknob is wholly wide, and allowsthe user to get some pretty nice leverage We found that the TC20 livedup to its stated aptitude of punching twenty pages of ordinary weight20lb paper at one instance That style that many users consign be able topunch an full calendar in a single elevate
  • TheTC20 has a high-quality plastic awning on the vessel that doubles asa chip tray. The tray looks sizable enough to squeeze at least a mediumamount of chips The base furthermore helps have the device from slippingwhile in use and commit fortify the job surface that it sits on fromgetting scratched up as well
  • Space is always anissue for most aid and we really appreciated that the TC20 can lockin the switch down rank for easy storage when not in use.
  • We besides liked that the TC20 incorporates both depth and limits guidesthat aid with the aligning of documents and booklets during thepunching process
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  • The TC20 can delicate punch about twenty sheets of paperSeeing as how most calendars are (naturally) twelve pages in length,one would probably suppose that the twenty page flair is supplementary thanadequate. However, that adjudjing is for 20lb paper, and a lot ofcalendars use heavier beasts than that In further words, you may findyourself having to rupture your project into sections moderately thanpunching the complete item at one time. Not a enormous deal, but somethingthat you should be aware of
  • The actuality that thisis a guide tool makes it a less than epitome option for print shopsand further such high-volume use Unfortunately, the only alternative for thissort of production would be to purchase an electric modular bindingpunch with a thumb cut die
  • Recommendation:

    Overall, this is a mammoth and well-built machine, example for low tomoderate use. Before you purchase one, be aware that it is a manualmachine and not well suited to producing thousands of calendars as itcould achieve difficult and tedious